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Panna cotta con mousse di Fragole €. 5,00
Panna cotta (sweetened cream set with gelatin) with strawberry mousse

Tiramisù €. 5,00
An italian delight filled with cream and coffee

Fragole al Limone €. 6,00
Strawberries with lemon

Fragole con Panna €. 6,00
Strawberries with cream

Gelato affogato al Caffè €. 7,50
Ice cream with coffee



Macedonia con Frutta fresca di stagione €. 5,00
Mixed seasonal fruit salad

Cheese Cake con mousse ai Frutti di bosco €. 6,00
Cheese cake with berries mousse



Panna Cotta al Cioccolato €. 6,50
Panna cotta with Chocolate sauce

Coppa di Gelato con Fragole €. 7,50
Ice cream with strawberries

Ananas al Maraschino €. 6,00
Pineapple with maraschino liquor

Coppa di Gelato misto €. 5,00
Dish of Ice cream (lemon-chocolate-vanilla-strawberry)

Cantuccini di prato con vin santo €. 6,00
Specialty cookies from prato served with dessert wine(vin Santo)



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